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Kyratec SuperCycler Trinity PCR Machine

Celtic Molecular Diagnostics is a certified supplier of Kyratec Products in Southern Africa

Kyratec are the suppliers of the SuperCycler Trinity: a high performance gradient PCR thermal cycler, offering exceptional performance and a flexible user-friendly interface at a competitive price.

Kyratec Trinity Series Powerful Thermal Engine

At the heart of the Trinity series instruments lies 3 fully independant sets of peltiers, temperature sensors and control electronics. This powerful and reliable thermal engine is capable of delivering high ramp rates in excess of 5°C per second with our standard low thermal mass composite alloy block whilst maintaining a long peltier life and low well to well temperature variation. Three configuration Trinity instruments are available.

Uniblock – Single temperature zone.

Gradient* – Up to 24 degree thermal gradient across the block width.

TripleZone – Three physically independent blocks providing multiple temperature areas with minimal thermal interference between the zones in a standard 96 well plate format.

Kyratec SuperCycler Trinity PCR Machine

The TripleZone Advantage

The unique Trinity TripleZone block format allows you to not only optimise your reactions but to also run multiple differently thermal optimised reactions in a single run at exactly defined temperatures. Whilst a gradient instrument is usefull for optimising a given reaction it does not generally provide as effective a means of running more than one optimised reaction at a defined independant temperature.

Heated Lid Evaporation Control

The SuperCycler employs an applied pressure heated lid design to keep the air contained within the tube hotter than the reaction volume. This causes any evaporation to condense back into the cooler reaction liquid, thereby eliminating the need for an oil or wax condensation overlay.

Touch Screen Graphical User Interface

A high performance graphical processor with large 7 inch, vivid color touch screen display allows for easy run setup and monitoring. The powerful yet intuitive software makes creation of even the most complex of thermal profiles a breeze. Free software upgrades are provided on our website keeping your instrument up to date with the latest features and developments.

Compact Footprint

Kyratec SuperCycler Trinity PCR MachineBoasting a footprint of only 18×28.5x19cm (WxDxH), the SuperCycler is designed to save valuable bench space within the laboratory. Weighing in at just 5.5kg, this machine is also highly portable for the ever-changing laboratory environment.

USB Connectivity

A front USB port allows for fast, easy file transfer to USB memory stick enabling the sharing of thermal profiles between instruments and users. The use of a USB mouse is also supported.

(*Gradient feature is available in selected regions only)

Exceptional performance, unparalleled user interface and highly competitive price.
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