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Celtic Molecular Diagnostics is a certified supplier of BioCellChallenge Products in Southern Africa

BioCellChallenge 3D Cell Transfection Kit

The 3D Cell Transfection Kit is the first in vitro transfection technology which allows researchers to achieve high delivery efficiencies of plasmid DNA into 3D cultured cells. With this kit, researchers can now perform longer transgene expression in a physiological-like cell growth environment.

  • High transfection efficiency & reproducibility.
  • BioCellChallenge Products Supplier South AfricaIncreased protein production.
  • Easy separation of proteins secreted by 3D transfected cells.
  • One step- Transfect & Seed – Protocol.
  • Compatible with inverted light microscope.

BioCellChallenge GeneCellin DNA Transfection Reagent

GeneCellinTM is a powerful in vitro transfection reagent (patent pending) which achieves higher delivery efficiencies of plasmid DNA into cell lines and primary cells in comparison to other lipid and polymer based transfection reagents.

  • High efficiency & reproducibility.
  • No toxicity: Maximum cell viability
  • Low amount of DNA required.
  • Rapid one-tube product.

BioCellChallenge ImmunoCellin Antibody Delivery Reagent

  • Effective intracellular delivery of antibodies.
  • No Toxicity.
  • Serum compatible
  • Efficient with a wide variety of cell types including primary cells.
  • Applications : Immunolabeling in live cells. Intracellular delivery of blocking or neutralizing antibodies.

BioCellChallenge RiboCellin siRNA Transfection Reagent

RiboCellin is a powerful lipid based in vitro delivery reagent which. It achieves higher delivery efficiencies of siRNA (or dsRNA) into cell lines and primary cells as compared to other lipid and polymer based delivery reagents. Reproducible gene silencing with minimum amounts of siRNA and extremely low non specific effects.

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