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Advansta Products Supplier South AfricaAdvansta Products Supplier South Africa

Celtic Molecular Diagnostics is a certified supplier of Advansta Products in Southern Africa

Advansta was founded in 2005 – headquartered in California. Their mission is to be the leading developer and supplier of products to support research in understanding the dynamics of biological events. Advansta’s focus is developing solutions to precisely characterize molecular events that occur in cells. Their products are based on the following principles:

  • Quantitation of cellular events that occur in parallel
  • Functional analysis of disease states and drug candidates
  • Real-time, direct measurement of intracellular molecular dynamics

Advansta draws on its team’s expertise in protein chemistry and understanding of the needs of the modern molecular biology lab to develop kits, reagents and assays with superior performance that reduces hands-on time and increase productivity. Key product lines are designed to provide a complete solution for chemiluminescent and fluorescent Western blotting, including detection reagents for different imaging methods, as well as compatible buffers and consumables. Please contact Faith if you would like to test a sample.

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