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Invitek, part of the STRATEC group since 2009, is a globally active provider of innovative solutions for nucleic acid sample collection, stabilization, and both manual and automated purification from any sample type. The company is internationally respected for its outstanding and high performance technology platforms and offers a broad spectrum of superior products for molecular diagnostics, drug discovery and Life Science research.

The development of non-chaotropic chemistry for nucleic acid sample preparation by Invitek is a major milestone in the history of DNA/RNA purification methods. The different technologies are combined in various ways to achieve the desired results for our customers.


INVITEK Molecular Non-chaotropic Chemistry

  • shorter protocols through reduced salt concentrations
  • higher yields from complex/precious samples
  • more intact chromosomal DNA

INVITEK Molecular MSB® – Minimal Salt Binding

  • the fastest way to purify DNA fragments
  • excellent purity without washing

INVITEK Molecular RTP® – Ready to prep

  • extraction Tube provides all lysis components and stabilizes included Carrier RNA and standards at RT
  • safer sample handling due to reduced hands-on steps

INVITEK Molecular PSP® – DNA Sample Stabilization

  • stabilization of host/pathogen DNA at RT in stool, saliva or swab samples
  • preservation of bacterial titers at the time of sampling

INVITEK Molecular InviTrap® – Selective DNA Removal

  • highly purified RNA for better RT-PCR results
  • no DNase digestion required

INVITEK Molecular InviMag® – Magnetic Beads

  • manual and automated DNA and RNA purification

INVITEK Molecular RNAsure® – Viral RNA Protection

  • immediate lysis and viral RNA stabilization in biological samples
  • RNA resistant to degradation for up to 6 month at RT

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