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Celtic Molecular Diagnostics is a certified supplier of Expedeon Products in Southern Africa

expedeon-logoSYGNIS and Expedeon share a vision of innovation and service by providing cutting-edge, patented genomics and proteomics tools to the scientific community. By joining SYGNIS’s genomic R&D expertise with Expedeon’s proteomic tools and consumables, Expedeon is able to offer a wide variety of innovative products across workflows covering single cell genomics, large scale proteomics and everything in between.

Expedeon have offices, laboratories, and manufacturing facilities in the UK, USA, Spain, Germany and Singapore where they manufacture and sell pre-cast acrylamide gels, protein stains, quantitation reagents, purification resins, protein solubilization reagents and nucleic acid amplification and manipulation products.

Expedeon’s product range covers the following categories and supported applications:

– Gel Electrophoresis – Protein Electrophoresis
– Nucleic Acid Kits – Proteomics
– Protein Fractionation – Cell Signalling
– Protein Quantitation – Protein Quantification
– Western Blotting – Western Blotting
– Protein Purification – Protein Purification
– Spectroscopy – Structural Biology
– Sample Preparation – Sample Preparation
– NVoy Protein Refolding

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