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Celtic Molecular Diagnostics is a certified supplier of Bioline Products in Southern Africa

Bioline was founded in 1992, and headquartered in London. Bioline is known as The PCR Company due to their huge advances in the area of PCR and their comprehensive portfolio of PCR products. Bioline’s mission is to provide customers with a range of scientific products which are fast and easy to use, guaranteed to work and developed by scientists who understand what our customers are trying to achieve so they can focus on their scientific goals. Bioline strives to improve and to deliver high quality scientific products which are the result of their strong commitment and investment in science.

Bioline Logo 2018Bioline have developed and manufactured a portfolio of more than 300 reagents and kits for molecular biology, cell analysis and nucleic acid and protein separation and purification. Their core competencies and principal areas of activity in R&D and manufacturing encompass:

  • Competent Cells
  • Cloning Reagents
  • DNA Polymerases
  • Real-Time PCR Kit
  • Reverse Transcription
  • Nucleic Acid Isolations
  • Ultra-pure Nucleotides
  • DNA & RNA MW Markers
  • Protein Expression & Purification
  • Essential Reagents for Molecular Biology

Bioline reagents are used by molecular biologists and other research scientists to perform test-assays and research in many fields from medical, biotechnology and marine biology to food and agriculture technology as well as forensic and environmental sciences, where life scientists have come to depend upon the outstanding quality and reliability of their reagents.

Click here to download the latest Bioline SensiFast Two-Step Real-Time PCR Guide. Please contact Faith for more information or if you would are interested in any samples.

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